Rikalan Krouvin

Christmas table

11. - 22.12.2023

Christmas table

The Christmas table is set daily 11. - 22.12, as well as on the 8.12. at 6 pm.

Mon - Sat at 12 PM & 5 PM
Sun at 1 PM

54 € per person

Children of pre-school age eat for free.
Primary and secondary school-aged children for 15 € per person.

For groups larger than 15 people, we offer a group discount.

Traditional christmas menu.


Green salad with lingonberry vinaigrette (v, g)

Forest mushroom salad (l, g)
Waldorf salad (l, g)
Rosolli (Finnish beetroot salad) (v, g) and beetroot cream (l, g)

Porkkala (marinated carrot as a fish alternative) (v, g)

Beetroot-smoked tofu salad (v, g)

Country cheese and house jam (l, g) Country pate (l, g)

Cured beef and cranberry-onion jam (m, g)


House-made rich selection of herring and pickled herring (l, g)

Herring caviar (l, g)

Vegan herring (v, g)
Home-smoked and marinated vendace (m, g)

Shrimp Skagen (l)

Juniper berry-cured salmon (l, g)
Gently home-smoked fish (salmon, whitefish) with honey-mustard sauce (l, g)
Dill potatoes (l, g)

Christmas bread selection, butter

Main course

Tavern’s Christmas ham (l, g)

Vegan Christmas ”ham” (v)

Selection of sausages (m, g)

Root vegetable and bean casserole (v, g)
Potato, swede, and carrot casseroles (l, g)
Tavern’s cognac mustard (l, g)


Finnish cheeses (from Kolattu Cheese Factory, Somero, Saloniemi Cheese Factory), apple jam (l, g)

Cranberry caramel Brita (Swedish layer cake) (l, g)

Ginger cake (l)

Cinnamon-rum raisin panna cotta (l, g) Gingerbread (l), and chocolates

Coffee / brewed tea

Table reservations

Make a table reservation either using the form below or by calling +358 40 8328275.

We respond to every reservation personally within 24 hours.