À la Carte

Local producers are close to our hearts. The À la Carte menu is designed using ingredients from local producers. All dishes include bread made with Aila and Jorma's sourdough and whipped butter.​



Tartare (L, G) – 16

Organic beef tartare (Saloniemi Farm, Laitila), lovage and egg yolk cream, marinated early summer vegetables, cured egg yolk

Pike Perch Ceviche (L, G) – 12

Pike perch from the Archipelago Sea (Toivonen’s local fish, Mynämäki), citrus salad, cucumber, tomato, and yoghurt dressing

Morel Soup (L, G) – 12

Creamy morel soup and deep-fried nettles


Main Courses

 Tavern Delicacy Platter for Two in the Medieval Style (L) – 68

Tavern Schnitzel from pork fillet (Vallan Maukas, Vehmaa), overcooked organic lamb (Saloniemi organic farm, Laitila), beef tenderloin skewer, warm potato salad with chives, onion sauce



Pepper Steak (L, G) – 45

Beef tenderloin steak (180g) (Saloniemi Farm, Laitila), deep-fried potato wedges, parsnip puree, seasonal vegetables, creamy pepper sauce



Liver (L, G) – 26

Lamb liver (Mikkola Farm, Halikko), mashed potatoes seasoned with garlic, lingonberries, onion sauce, deep-fried onions



Fish (L, G) – price varies, ask your server

Local fish, garlic mashed potatoes, fennel-white wine sauce



Chicken and Polenta (L, G) – 26

Herb-butter fried chicken (Laaksonen Farm, Marttila), roasted shiitake mushrooms (Mikkola Mushroom Product, Raatala), refreshing lemon-goat cheese polenta (Saloniemi Cheese Dairy, Laitila)



Risotto (L, G) – €22

Creamy risotto, ramson oil, parmesan cheese, colorful tomato-arugula salad



Gicel’s Burger (L) – 25

Highland cattle organic beef patty (Jusala Ranch, Suomusjärvi) in a brioche bun, bacon, cheddar cheese, marinated red onion, pickles, tomato, paprika mayonnaise, coleslaw, country-style fries, and mayonnaise dip



Gicel’s Burger (L) – 13

Organic beef patty (Saloniemi Farm, Laitila) in a brioche bun, cheddar cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, coleslaw, country-style fries, and mayonnaise/ketchup dip


Children’s Fish (L, G) – 13

Pan-fried catch of the day, creamy sauce, mashed potatoes, and apple-cucumber salad (L, G)



Crème Brûlée (L, G) – 10

Citrus salad, blood orange sorbet


Cheese and Preserves (G) – 15

Three different types of organic cheese from a local producer (Saloniemi Cheese Dairy, Laitila) and house preserves


Ice Cream Dessert (L, G) – 9

Vanilla/chocolate ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream, meringue

L = Lactose-free, V = Vegan, G = Gluten-free, M = Dairy-free



Please tell our staff about any special diets you may have and we will make the dishes just right for you.

We only use domestic meat.

We reserve the right to make changes.